Arisia 2012 Gameing Room

William Mui

The Arisa 2012 game room has been move Harbor Ballroom which has more attendee traffic than last year. The room was open 24 hours a day during the convention. This year, there was a library which had game that can be check out with attendee’s badge and use in the gaming area, and the library was also open 24 hours. The library collection of games are from NESFA (New England Science Fiction Association) and Bill Todd's personal games. The schedule had a lot of RPG, a Black Jack event, a Munchkin brawl and many games being demo to show how to play games for those attendee that did not know the game or want to learn games. There was also Magic the Gatgthering Card Tournament running daily during the convention. On Sunday there was Grueling game tournament which last for five hours.

The games that was using in the Grueling game tournament was make up of 4 games. The games was Innovation, Dominion, Nuclear war , and Puerto Rico. There was 11 players for the tournament. There was that tie for First place and Fourth place in the tournament.


This year was the first time for Bill Todd to Game Room. He recall the old day of Boston Park Piazza, when it held Arisia there. Back than game was busy and pack all the time of gaming being run and play. Bill Todd hope next year to run it again

. Librarian working on games . a game being check out

BattleStar Galactica demo BlackJack event

Munchkin brawl table . All the Deck for Munchkins

A RPG being run My Little Pony RPG

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