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Arisia 2012 was held at the Westin Waterfront in Boston on January 13th thru the 16th. Arisia is a science fiction convention hosting panels, movies, a masquerade, an art show, parties, and a dealers' room. The guests of honor included Phil Foglio, Kaja Foglio, and Gareth Hinds. Phil and Kaja Foglio are writers and artists who created Girl Genius , , a web base comic that has been collected in graphic novel format. More info on the Foglios can be found on their website: Gareth Hinds is also an illustrator who has worked on various books and games, his recent work is illustrating Gifts from the Gods, written by Lise Lunge-Larsen. Gareth site is

One of the panels I attended was a panel discussing the new 52 reboot. The panelist for this included: Ed Fugua, Alex Jarvis, Adam Lipkin (as moderator), Donna Martinez, and Jaime Guarmendia. Overall the panelist had some varying opinions but overall many were in the opinion of 'wait and see' on most of the titles. Many were disappointed that the new version of Etrigan the Demon no longer had to talk in rhymes. That was his biggest character trait. I, along with others, expressed disappointment that DC wanted to write off the Justice Society as existing at all. In fact, readers dismay at this prompted DC editorial to rethink that stance so the Society may well be back in continuity. The thing about these reboots is that they seem to happen all to frequently lately. Seems like every year almost. So it's kind of like New England weather, if you don't like it now, just wait a while.

Arisia always has a lot of theatre performances by different groups. One group that has been a stable at Arisia for a few years now is the Tesseract Players. They are most famous for their Rocky Horror shadow acting but have added many other shows to their repertoire. One popular addition has been the Dr. Horrible Sing-Along Blog. The company performed both Dr. Horrible and Rocky this weekend but they also debut a totally new show &endash; A Nightmare Before Christmas. How were they going to shadow act an animated film you might ask? Brilliantly. Tesseract Players did an awesome job of costuming and capturing the characters in front of the screen. Casting was great, Jack Skellington had the perfect body type to capture Jack's animated thin body. For more info on the Tesseract Players to see upcoming shows go to their website at

Arisia's Masquerade is always a huge crowd draw and pleaser. Best in Show Original award went to Victorian Tiki Calypso by Lisa Aston. Best in Show Presentation went to Charlie's Fallen Angels by Wendy Farrell, Skip Farrell, Tracy Farrell, and Rebecca Janney. To see all the costumes submitted for the masquerade and more post Arisia reviews go to their site at

Arisia 2012 was another hit. Next year Arisia will be held January 18-21, 2013 still at the Westin Waterfront in Boston. The writer guests will be Tananarive Due and Steven Barnes. The artist guest of honor will be Roger Dean his site is The music guests will be the band, Emerald Rose comprised of Brian Sullivan, Arthur Hinds, Larry Morris, and Clyde Gilbert; more about the band can be found on their website: Hope to see you at Arisia next year!


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Masquerade Awards

Arisia 2012 Masquerade, January 14, 2012, 8:40 PM Start

MC: Susan de Guardiola

Directors: Karen Purcell, Sharon Sbarsky

Stage Manager: Joel Lord

Presentation Judges: Jill Eastlake, Marty Gear, Tony Lay

Workmanship Judge: Dina Flockhart

36 Entries: 7 Young Fan, 12 Novice, 9 Journeyman, 4 Craftsman, 4 Master

Arisia 2012 Masquerade Awards

Young Fan--Presentation

Best Interpretation, The Collector, Laurel Moore

Best Movie, Kitty Softpaws, Aurora Arntz

Most Humorous, Hydra Gymnastics, Julia Kautz, Vera Backman, Arthur Kautz, Mabel Backman

Best Comic Book Character, Golden Age Green Lantern Arisia, Arisia Huff

Best Mythology, Sphinx of the Desert, Amber Hammond

Best Gaslight, A Normal Day to Sarah Heterodyne, Isabel Kadel-Garcia

Best Young Fan (be afraid, Wendy!), Goth Tinkerbell, Tabatha Bohmbach

Novice Category--Presentation

Best Movie Recreation, The Dark Knight, Kevin Dunham

Best Interpretation, Salvador Dalek, Phill Hallam-Baker

Best Original Interpretation, Dalek, Stephanie Mann

Best in Class, Idris, Anatasia Holt

Journeyman Category--Presentation

Judges Appreciation, For the Minotaur in Narnia, Matt Miller

Best Recreation, We Meant it for the Best, David M Scales

Best Original, Aquatic Knight, Jamila Sisco

Best in Class, A Klownish Nightmare, William Kennedy

Craftsman Category--Presentation

Best in Class, 1901: A Grand Adventure; Act 3, Karl Winkler, Nathan Alvord

Master Category--Presentation

Best Presentation, Welcome to the Jungle, Eric Bornstein, Ashley Yarnell

Best in Class, Fall 1867 Gaslight Collection, Aurora Celeste

Best in Show--Presentation

Best in Show Original, Victorian Tiki Calypso, Lisa Ashton

Best in Show Interpretation, Charlie's Fallen Angels, Wendy Farrell, Skip Farrell, Tracy, Farrell, Rebecca Janney

Young Fan--Workmanship

Fantastic Fabric Wings, Hydra Gymnastics, Arthur Kautz

Puppet Creation with Duct Tape and Found Objects, Hydra Gymnastics, Julia Kautz, Vera Backman, Mabel Backman

Feather work and wing hinges, Sphinx of the Desert, Amber Hammond

Exacting use of duct tape, Goth Tinkerbell, Tabatha Bohmbach

Jewelry Making, A Normal Day to Sarah Heterodyne, Isabel Kadel-Garcia

Novice Category--Workmanship

Painting, Charlie's Fallen Angels, Rebecca Janney

Tailoring and Design Continuity, Charlie's Fallen Angels, Wendy Farrell

Casting & Modeling; Attention to detail, Salvador Dalek, Phill Hallam-Baker

Adaption of Design, Dalek, Stephanie Mann

Attention to proper clothing fit, Forsworn of Skyrim, Ananda Rosen

Journeyman Category--Workmanship

Incredible Design Award, Disney Fashion Magic, Elizabeth O'Malley & Christa Newman

Use of Found Objects, Soft Sculpture & Mixed Media, Aquatic Knight, Jamila Sisco

Makeup, Bonework, Use of Strange Objects, We Meant it for the Best, David M Scales

Attention to Color & Detail, Adaptation of Materials, A Klownish Nightmare, William Kennedy

Felting, Narnia, Regan Cerato

Resin, Narnia, Kelley Kullman

Fur work & mask making, Narnia, Matt Miller

Classic Feather & Tutu Construction, Kraehe: The Crow Princess, Gann Monroe

Craftsman Category--Workmanship

Tsarina, Historical Adaptation, shortcuts that look good, 1901: A Grand Adventure; Act 3, Amy Murphy

Innovative use of found objects, documentation on Hal 900, 1901: A Grand Adventure; Act 3

Master Category--Workmanship

Overachiever & Master of all things thread & bead, Victorian Tiki Calypso, Lisa Ashton

Master of Maskmaking, Welcome to the Jungle, Eric Bornstein

Fantastic documentation of the deign process & exacting workmanship, Fall 1867 Gaslight Collection, Aurora Celeste

CostumeCon 30 Award of a free membership to Best Novice at Arisia goes to Idris, Anatasia Holt.

CostumeCon 32 Award of a free membership to Best Journeyman at Arisia goes to A Klownish Nightmare, William Kennedy.

The Northern Lights Costumers Guild (Noel) awards "Measure of Success" to a Novice who hasn't won a major award but who we feel will develop into something special. Narnia (Regan Cerato, Kelley Kullman, Matt Miller) are given a free membership for a year and this symbol--a tape measure.


2012 Student Art Content winners!

Submitted by admin on Thu, 01/19/2012 - 18:53

Here are the 2012 Student Art Contest winners:

1st Place: "The Spirit Thieves" by Jordan Walker

2nd Place: "Hades and Persephone" by Megan Kelchner

3rd Place: "Dragon of the Abyss" by Damon Kilgore

Also, Jordan's piece sold in the Art Auction!


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