Boskone 49 February 2012

Larry Dunne

Boskone 49 was held February 17-19, 2012 at the Westin Waterfront Hotel in Boston. Boskone is a science fiction convention held annually over President's Day weekend. Boskone has an art show, deales' area, gaming, con suite, autograph sessions, panels, artist demos, and Literary Beers and Kaffeeklatsches where fans have informal chats with guests. This year's featured guests included: Guest of Honor: John Scalzi (writer), Official Artist: Daniel Dos Santos, Special Guest: Toni Weisskopf (publisher), Featured Filker: Tricky Dixie (band composed of S.J. Tucker, Betsey Tinney, and Ben Deschamps), NESFA Press Guest: Jerry Pournelle (writer), Hal Clement Science Speaker: Bruce Schneier.

This year was the first year Boskone held a hall costume contest which prompted many different costumes to be worn around the con. They also had a Magic Tournament on Sunday, February 19th where first place took home $1000. On Saturday gamers competed for the title of Guru of the Game Room, basically it's a gaming tournament where players had to play four different games and got points depending on where they placed at end game. This year's game included: Munchkin, Three Dragon Ante, Dominion, and Seven Wonders. The winners - tied for first: William Mui and Daniel Farre; second: Jesse Wertheimer, tied for third: Larry Dunne (me J) and Joe Watovicz.

This year Tyromag interviewed many of the guests at Boskone, those videos can be viewed at our youtube site: They haven't been posted yet but keep your eyes peeled for an update. Boskone 50 for 2013 has not been announced yet but it will be on Martin Luther King's Birthday weekend again next year. Check in on NESFA's Website,, to check announcements for next year. Conventioneers had a great time at Boskone 49 we hope you join us for next year's convention.

2012 Awards:

2012 Skylark: Sharon Lee and Steve Miller

2012 Fellow of NESFA: Bob Devney

Art show Awards:

Best in Show: "Creatieve Anxiety", Aedan Roberts

Best 2D Artist: Aedan Roberts

Best 3D Artist: Duncan Eagleson

GoH Choice: "Creative Anxiety". Aedan Roberts

Art Show Director Choice: "The Goblin Market", William O'Connor

Staff Choice: "Fairie, Joan Turner

Guards Choice: "Robot Ink", Carolynn Rowell and "Queen of Wands", Dave Seeley

Chairman's Choice: "Mobby Dick vs. The Sea Monster", Bob Eagleton

Judges' Choice, Best in Show: "Queen of Wands", Dave Seeley

Judges' Choice, Honorable Mention: :Mossy Finds the Golden Key", Ruth Sanderson; "Jane", Greg Manchess; "Body of Work", Linda Dockery Graves; "Bridge Troll", Duncan Eagleson; "Fires of Heaven", Don dos Santos

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Darrell Schweitzer

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