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Dragon Con is held annually in Atlanta, Georgia. It is typically held on July 4th weekend. This convention always has a huge guest list with actors, writers, artists, and many other professions who have a link to science fiction, fantasy and horror. This is one of the big draws to come to Dragon Con. They also have a huge gaming section, hundreds of panels, an art show, a humongus dealers' room, an awesome costume contest, bands, fan tables, and anything you can imagine at a convention.

The convention is so large that it spans multiple hotels and the Apparel Mart where the Dealers' Room can be found. The drawback of being so spread out is walking from hotel-to-hotel in the hottest month in Atlanta. Whew! But wear walking shoes and a pair of shorts and you'll be all set. While the con spands a large area, it is well organize and once you get to your area of interest, say gaming, you'll find yourself spending hours in that location.

As mentioned there are over a 200 different guests. Some of these guests can be found in an autograph section located in part of the Dealer's Room. Lines for the more popular guests can get quite long. Some of the guests will charge you for an autograph so be prepared to anti up for some of the John Hancocks, though most will sign something for free. Most of the guests will have pictures of them or copies of their books that you can purchase right at their table and will always sign those. On hand last year was Dave Prowse (Darth Vader), George Perez, Adam West (tv's Batman), Mark Poole, Peter Jurasik (Ambassador Londo Mollari of Babylon 5), Richard Hatch (Battlestar Galactica), Ann McCaffrey, Will Eisner, and Larry Elmore; just to name a few of the stars that were there. A daunting effort for an autograph collector to try and catch up with all of them.

Dragon Con also has a large gaming section which was located in the Hyatt Regency Grand Hall. Computer games, LARPs, collectible card games, board, and role-playing games can all be found here. Some of the games are part of tournaments where you can potentially win prizes if you are the best at what you do.

There is a Masquerade Costume contest as well as a Hall Costume contest (see pics below). Many great costumes were on display last year. There were many people who had Phantom Menace costumes due to the latest Star Wars release. Old Star Wars costumes were also in abundance. Last year was the second Dawn Look-a-Like contest as well where fem fatales try to pass for Joe Linsner's famous character. There were a lot of great costumes last year.

Last year there were live performances by different groups and bands. One band, Gwar, has gotten a cult following now that they have done many Dragon Cons. Expect them to be on hand this year as well. The band plays in full creature costumes based on the game of the same name. The live performances included radio readings, play performance by the Mighty Rassilon Art Players, a show by Joshua Kane and other readings. Other band performances included Cruxshadows, D.C. Moon, Voltaire, the Changlings, Boogie Nights among others.

In short Dragon Con is one of the biggest conventions on the East Coast with over 20,000 attendees, fans, guests, and staff. It has grown over the years and has continued to offer diverse programming so there is something for everyone. We highly recommend attending Dragon Con this year since it will have just as many guests as last year and similar programming tracks.


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