DragonCon 2001 Press Conference

by Larry Dunne

This year at DragonCon two culture icons were on hand to inform the general public about their upcoming films. Elvira announced the release of her movie Elriva's Haunted House and Alice Cooper announced his movie, The Attic Expectations.

The Attic Expectations is about a sanitarium patient, Trevor Blackburn (Andras Jones) trials to hang on to sanity. He awakens for a coma to find he has been committed to an asylum and the film focuses on his fight to hang onto sanity as his nightmares seem to become reality. He becomes the prime suspect for a string of murders that are taking place in the asylum. This independent film is Alice Cooper's first time playing somebody other then himself in a movie. He plays one of the inmates in the film. The Attic Expectations also stars Jeffrey Combs, Ted Rami, Wendy Robie, Jerry Hauck, Shannon Hart Cleary, Seth Green, Beth Bates and Nancy Wolfe. Present at the press conference was the Producer Melissa Brown, Director Jeremy Kasten, and Screenwriter Rogan RussellBrown.

Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, Cassandra Peterson's alter-ego, announced her new film Elvira's Haunted Hills. Peterson not only stars in the film she also wrote the movie. The movie takes place in 1851 in Carpahia where Elvira has dreams of performing in a Parsian Revue show but she gets sidetracked and ends up in a medievel castle inhabited by the sinister Lord Hellsubus, who of course has it in for our heroine.

Elvira also presented Alice Cooper with one of her new electric guitars that have a coffin-like design for the guitar case and has her image on it. You can find these guitars at a music store or contact BC Rich Guitars to order one.

Cooper Elvira

Cooper Elvira2

Cooper wGuitar


Kasten RussellMarshall

Kasten RussellMarshall 2

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Kasten RussellMa...

Kasten RussellMa...

No Evil

Put em Up

Spookin Elvira

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