DragonCon 2001

review by Larry Dunne

 DragonCon 2001 was held Labor Day weekend August 31st thru September 3rd. DragonCon is one of the biggest Science Fiction convention on the East Coast with over 10,000 participants each year. Although, every year you will find a familiar format at the convention, every year there is something new.

This year Alice Cooper was present to promote his new movie The Attic Expectations. The movie also starred Ted Rami, and Jeffrey Coombs who were also at the convention. Cooper also announced the release of new albums coming in October. The new albums are under the Spitfire Records label and you can find out more about them at http://www.spitfirerecords.com. For more info on Attic Expectations go to http://www.pissmonkey.com. Elvira was also present at the press conference promoting her new film, Elvira's Haunted House. She also announced a new guitar by BC Rich Guitars that has her image on it. Elvira presented one of these guitars to Alice Cooper at the presentation. The case was in the shape of a coffin, of course.

Every year a bevy of beauties doll themselves up as Dawn, the principle character from Cry For Dawn comics for DragonCon's Annual Dawn Look-Alike contest. This year's winner was Millicent Olvey from Daluth, GA. Olvey created her costume with the help from her friends whom she is planning to throw a party for with some of the winnings. Grand prize for the contest is $1000. She is going to use some of the remainder to pay off the costume.

DragonCon always has a few areas set aside for gaming. The miniatures are fun to look at even if you don't game. The hobbyists spend many hours painting their miniatures and creating their settings. Collectible Card Games are still very popular and you can find board games, role-playing games and computer games as well at DragonCon. Many of the gaming companies have booths at DragonCon and run demos of their new games at their booths and in the gaming areas. The Dealers' room is huge and you can find many sought after games and collectibles.

Every year at DragonCon you come across the most creative costumes. Many of these costume designers are very talented. The fans recreate costumes from every possible genre. Characters are from comics, science fiction shows, movies, games, and books. At the costume contest many will have a little skit they perform that go with their costume.

The guest list at DragonCon is always impressive. There are professionals from comics, movies, television, and books. You can often get an autograph from your favorite actor, writer, artist, editor, etc. Most will give you a free autograph sometimes you have to pay for it. You can catch them either at a panel they will be participating in or in the Autograph Alley where each of them will have a booth and most set aside time for scheduled autograph sessions.

DragonCon is one of the biggest science fiction conventions on the East Coast. If you have an opportunity to attend one it is well worth it. For 2002, DragonCon will also be held on Labor Day weekend.


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