WWP 2010 - Guests

Larry Dunne

Philidelphia Comic Con 2010 had a great collection of guests. Most of them would charge for an autograph but it was a great opportunity for fans to get many of their favorite media stars signatures. There were a number of wresting professionals, actors from sci-fi and horror films, a couple from reality tv shows and some old favorites from television.


Avery Brooks

Avery Brooks 2

Avery Brooks 3

Bobby Clark

Brent Spiner

Brent Spiner 2

Avery Brooks.jpg

Avery Brooks 2.jpg

Avery Brooks 3.jpg

Bobby Clark.jpg

Brent Spiner.jpg

Brent Spiner 2.jpg

Christopher Knight

Christopher Knight (2)

Cirroc Lofton

Clare Kramer

Gil Girard

Iron Sheik

Christopher Knig...

Christopher Knig...

Cirroc Lofton.jpg

Clare Kramer.jpg

Gil Girard.jpg

Iron Sheik.jpg

Jake Busey

Johnny Fairplay

Josie Lee

Julie Newmar

Keegan and John DeLancie

Keegan DeLancie

Jake Busey.jpg

Johnny Fairplay.jpg

Josie Lee.jpg

Julie Newmar.jpg

Keegan and John ...

Keegan DeLancie.jpg

Keegan DeLancie (2)

Keegan DeLancie 3

Larry Thomas

Linda Hamilton

Michele Noonan


Keegan DeLancie ...

Keegan DeLancie ...

Larry Thomas.jpg

Linda Hamilton.jpg

Michele Noonan.jpg


Paris Thenmen

Patrick Stewart

Patrick Stewart 3

Patrick Stewart 4

Patrick Stewart2


Paris Thenmen.jpg

Patrick Stewart.jpg

Patrick Stewart ...

Patrick Stewart ...

Patrick Stewart2...


Scott Porter

Scott Sciaffo

the Smoke

Val Veins

Vernon Wells

Virginia Hey

Scott Porter.jpg

Scott Sciaffo.jpg

the Smoke.jpg

Val Veins.jpg

Vernon Wells.jpg

Virginia Hey.jpg


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