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Larry Dunne

I spent the day Saturday covering all of the various panels presented by different actors/actresses. The first panel I attended was the Bruce Campbell Q&A panel. Bruce Cambell's most famous part was that of Ash from the Army of Darkness movie. Bruce opened up the panel by having an Evil Dead Tattoo contest. About five fans got up on stage and showed off their commitment to the movie. J I believe the winner got a signed DVD copy of the movie. Bruce joked around with the audience a lot. He told us his favorite cameo was being the snotty usher in Spiderman 2 because he denied Peter access to the theatre, he beat Spiderman!

The next panel was the Star Trek: Next Generation Q&A Panel, guests for this panel included John and Keegan DeLancie and Brent Spiner. Father and son DeLancie kicked off the panel. John was asked about his time on Days of Our Lives which he thoroughly enjoyed. The cast was so great, they would simply show up and laugh all day. He would catch movies in between takes with cast buddies since they would shoot in the morning and have a long stretch of nothing to do till later in the afternoon so he watched a lot of matinee movies. He enjoyed working with all of the various Star Trek captains but felt the tension with him and Janeway was the most intense since it added a male/female component. After about 20 minutes, Brent Spiner joined the DeLancies to answer Data questions. Brent Spiner started a Twitter page for the benefits of the fans which has over one million followers now. The original Twitter page for Brent was actually started by a fan who was making up a lot of false data of where Brent was. Spiner warned aspiring actors not to get into the business unless it is in their blood that they really have to. It is not an easy occupation with a lot of disappointments. He is working on a new project which he couldn't give us any information about, other than that it would be revealed soon as to what it is.

Clare Kramer gave a quiet informal Q&A across the hall after the Star Trek panel. Her current project that hasn't been released yet is the Dead Ones, a horror movie about kids who were grave dancers and live or die to regret it. The movie is still in production so the release date is unknown. She also talked about her charity work. Children International is the charity that she mostly promotes. They can be found on the web at http://www2.children.org . The organization raises money to help poor children throughout the world. Clare also tweets for you twitter bugs out there. She says she doesn't update it as much as she used to but still updates it fairly regularly. Clare is best known for her work on Buffy the Vampire and is one of her favorite roles. Another favorite for her was working on the Bring It On movie about break dancers/cheerleaders. It was very grueling and challenging since they did all the routines for real, no stunt doubles. Besides acting she is busy with her child, Gavin, husband and has a few business ventures she is working on.

The last guest Q&A of the day was Adam West. He was very entertaining and funny making fun of himself and talking about his various roles from Batman, Fairly Odd Parents and Family Guy. He likes the Batman from his day better, the bright knight, not the dark knight. He did tell fans not to be surprised if he has something to do with the Batman franchise in the future, possible role in upcoming Batman movie? The original Batman TV series is going to be released to DVD soon, so we can see the original Batman with all his campiness. Adam West is also releasing his own DVD soon, Adam West Naked where he reveals all. He said he likes working with animation now and gave Family Guys fans a hint that the Mayor of Quohog will be getting in trouble with a hussie, breaks his heart, and he moves to Alaska, but the mayor will come back.

Along with the guests panels there were a few panels about writing and drawing for comics.


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John and Keegan ...

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