Hasty Pudding Theatricals - Man and Woman of the Year 2010

words by Larry Dunne& pictures by Eunice Torres and Larry Dunne

This year's Hasty Pudding Awards kicked off as usual with a parade through Harvard Square on January 28th. Even though it was frigid cold Anne Hathaway was a trouper; smiling and waving to all her fans that came out to watch the parade.

Her role in "The Devil Wears Prada" was the one that gave her much recognition. A fact Hathaway was reminded of during her roast, where she had to prove herself again to her former boss. She also had to get a 'cowboy' to love her which was a skit making fun of her role in "Brokeback Mountain". In addition, Hathaway had to prove herself to a drag impersonator Julie Andrews where she treated the audience with a beautiful little song that she made up. During her acceptance speech she recited a little poem she wrote with the audience. During the press conference she was asked what she thought of the roast and she jokingly said she was kind of sad that there were so many weak holes in her career choices. Roasting Hathaway was Clifford Murry '10 and Derek Mueller '10, members of the Hasty Pudding Theatricals Club.

One week later, on February 5th, the Theatrics Club honored Justin Timberlake. The roasters, Kelly Conley '11 and Steve Rola '11 poked their fun at Justin. One of the roasters thinking he was part of every other 80's boy band including the Village People from the 70's before being told Timberlake was a member of NSYC. One of Timberlake's challenges was to prove himself worthy to his former "NSYC members". He had to 'bring sexy back' for 'Britney Spears' and prove himself to 'Madge' and 'Lady Gaga'. The famous guests were Hasty club members impersonating them, some in drag.

For more infomation on Hasty Pudding Awards and their Theatrical shows visit their site at www.hastypudding.org.

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