Review by Michael C. Meyer

What do you get when you contain a bunch of chickens cooped up in a gastoppo-like hen house trying to escape for their lives? Chicken Run!

The movie is great. Although meant for children there issomething in it for everyone. Adventure, drama, action, romance, comedyand suspense. Whether you are a fan of claymation especially the workssuch as Wallace and Gromit or simply in for good movie with a variety ofemotion this is a movie for you. The characters are all well developed andnot at all hardboiled. My particular favorites were the two rodents ofdubious character. To find out more go to the official web site

The movie has all the charm of Hogan's Heroes, Star Trek (Galaxy Quest),with a touch of Casablanca. Watch as the courageous but not so brilliantchickens try to hatch one plan after another to escape the gulag. Goingnowhere fast until a charming, mysterious stranger comes flying out fromnowhere only to stir up the action not to mention the romance. Thesuspense builds when the evil Mrs. Tweedy plots to get rich quick and turnthe egg farm into a chicken pot pie factory. The adventure goes a beat upwhen the flock faces imminent doom from the pie machine. Find out what achicken can cook up when properly motivated. Take in this harrowing dramaand see if chickens really do fly.


Clockwise from top: 1. Chickens try to escape Mrs. Tweedy. 2. Rocky and Gina, the film's heroes. 3. Gina trying a new escape path.

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