Review by David H.

Shrek &endash; The tall tale of an ogre, a talking donkey, aprincess, a short prince, a dragon, and true love between the same. This is an excellent movie, fun and entertaining. Shrek the ogre, the title character, only wants to be left alone in his little swamp. However, the local lord has decided that all Fairy Tale creatures do not belong in his kingdom, so they are exported, to Shrek's swamp. The plot develops, twists, turns and changes, from threre. The movie keeps a rapid pace, the story line never lags or gives the audience a chance to be bored.

The jokes flowing easily one from another, and never seeming forced or out of place. Some of the best gags will be missed by the little kids, while adults will struggle to contain laughter and avoid odd looks and questions from their kids. "Mommy, why are you laughing so much, the prince is short, what else does that line about 'think he's trying to compensate for something' mean that made you laugh so much?" Balancing parodies, puns, gags, laughs, plot, character development and fairy tale absurdity sounds like an impossible task, but the creators of Shrek managed. All of that, and beautiful animation as well, how can you go wrong? Take the family, take some friends, go enjoy the movie.

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Shrek and the crew.


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