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TYRO is a magazine containing articles on comic books, animation, comic strips, gaming, music, science fiction, computers, and fantasy; all presented in a combination of many different illustrations, writings, critiques and comments.

TYRO provides staff reviews of gaming products, comics, books, and music, as well as articles from free-lance reviewers on various products, providing interesting and entertaining opinions on the cutting edge of these industries.

TYRO interviews professionals from the comic and animation world to give aspiring artists and writers a chance to read what it's really like making a living in these fields. Their stories are informative and insightful, telling us how to get into the field, the best part of the job and what they like about it.

TYRO is an exciting showcase of new material, presenting everything from short stories to art. TYRO is a vehicle where new writers and artists can display their work.

TYRO is amusing, infusing humor in many of our interviews and reviews, keeping the light touch inherent in its subject matter. You will find our graphics interesting and unconventional, as well as a few wonderfully artistic pieces supplied by the professionals.
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