TYRO Magazine Submission Guidelines

        We are looking for original stories and artwork that can be from just about any genre: SF, Fantasy, Horror, Etc. You can send us just about anything. We're a relatively new magazine, still struggling to make it. We currently can only pay in contributor copies.

        We are a quarterly magazine and along with printing original fiction stories, we print articles on comics, animation, sf, fantasy, and gaming that includes reviews and interviews.
        We are in the process of developing a web site, so unless specified in the submission, all submissions are considered for the print and/or web magazine.


       Submissions in hard copy (paper), typed, double spaced. include name, address and if possible phone number on story. Include an SASE for return of manuscript or disk, otherwise it will not be returned. If you are sending a disk save the story in either MS Word for Macintosh or as a simple text file. We can read IBM disks if you are saving from IBM compatibles. State in cover letter if you want your disk returned.  

       We can accept submissions electronically. ASCII files can be sent via on-line by using the E-mail address: tyro@tiac.net. DO NOT send items as regular E-mail, send them as attached files. Special software may be required.   Tyro is especially interested in complete short stories of fantasy, science fiction, horror, humor, etc. Adult audience, but no smut. Graphic blood and guts horror is discouraged. No derivative fiction, ie. Star Trek, Star Wars or copyrighted characters of other authors, unless you have written permission from the copyright holder and provide proof with submission.

       Poetry is used, SF & F leaning preferred, and poetry that paints a vivid visual picture, or tells a story.   Non-fiction articles pertaining to Science Fiction, Fantasy, Comics, Animation, and Gaming are also used. Book, Movie and computer game reviews, author interviews and analysis of their works are all encouraged.

Lengths: Original short stories should be about 3000 words or less.   Longer works will be considered if the story is exceptional.


       Artwork is with an SF & F theme is needed. Customed heroes, and especially original comics are also welcomed. Hard-line black and white ink drawings are best; color, pencil drawings, anything using shading and gray scales may not reproduce well, but will be considered. Comic strips and short comic vignette of about four pages are also welcomed. Longer comic stories that can be presented in four consecutive issues would be considered. Artists willing to illustrate future stories are encouraged to contact the editor.

Payment is contributor copies only.

Rights: First North American serial rights only. ALL rights revert immediately to the author or artist upon publication.  Submissions will be considered for our magazine and for our web e-zine as it gets developed.

Subscription info is as follows:

TYRO is published quarterly, single issues are $3.00, a 4 issue subscription is $10.00. For more info, send a SASE to:

Tyro c/o Fresh Ink
 PO Box 507  
  Medford, MA 02155

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